Results for team: Tournament:

Garcia, SergioMC$072-69$0$658,935$-658,9350.0%121   
Hadwin, Adam$0$1,710,808$-1,710,8080.0%19   
Holmes, J.B.46$18,28270-68-70-71 (-9)$18,282$658,000$-639,7182.8%41   
Hovland, Viktor$0$1,982,275$-1,982,2750.0%234   
Kirk, Chris$0$658,000$-658,0000.0%5   
McIlroy, Rory$0$5,000,000$-5,000,0000.0%65   
Mickelson, Phil44$22,77071-67-70-70 (-10)$22,770$1,493,908$-1,471,1381.5%26   
Oosthuizen, Louis$0$1,312,138$-1,312,1380.0%45   
Stenson, Henrik$0$658,000$-658,0000.0%42   
Thomas, Justin$0$6,000,000$-6,000,0000.0%98   
Watson, Bubba$0$1,565,323$-1,565,3230.0%58   
Woodland, Gary$0$2,195,131$-2,195,1310.0%56   

Contest History for:
1Safeway Open336$41,052336$41,052$1,560,719

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